Transferring Files with Globus

Globus allows for the fast and efficient transfer of files between two Globus “endpoints”, one of which has been set up on the GreatLakes cluster.

You can copy files between your computer and the cluster by doing the following:

  • Setup an endpoint on your personal computer by following the directions for your OS
    Globus Connect Personal for Mac
    Globus Connect Personal for Linux
    Globus Connect Personal for Windows
  • Login to Globus via and use an existing organizational login
  • Enter your Duo 2-factor authtentication
  • On the left side search for the “greatlakes” collection and add the “umich#greatlakes” collection. This should point to your home directory on the cluster.
  • On the right side search for the endpoint you setup on the first step
  • You can then select files and directories on the left side and select to transfer or sync to the right side and then push “Start” when you are ready to schedule a transfer.

Globus will attempt to transfer the files when it can and will resume the transfer if it is interrupted.
You can check the status of the transfer in the Globus portal and you will receive an email once the status of the transfer changes.

with your service and volume name to have it added.

Current UMich Endpoints

ARC ServiceGlobus Name
Great Lakes clusterumich#greatlakes
Lighthouse clusterumich#lighthouse
Armis2 clusterumich#armis2 v2
Sensitive Data Turbo VolumesUMich ARC Sensitive Turbo Volume Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Turbo VolumesUMich ARC Non-Sensitive Turbo Volume Collection
Non-Sensitive Data Locker VolumesUMich ARC Non-Sensitive Locker Volume Collection
Non-Sensitive Data DenUMich ARC Non-Sensitive Data Den Volume Collection
Sensitive Data DenUMich ARC Sensitive Data Den Volume Collection

Sharing Data on Globus